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Loop Colors

This product is proudly made in the USA!

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  • We only sell top quality custom molded carpets.

  • This carpet is an excellent reproduction of the carpets used in most domestic vehicles from the 1950's through 1973.

  • Loop carpet is usually used on vehicles 1973 and earlier.

  • It is tufted on a 5/32 gauge loop tufting machine & contains 24 ounces of yarn per square yard.

  • It is dyed using the finest quality dyes available.

  • It is also tested for ozone humidity fading and fade resistance. It comes in 72" widths (special ordered to 80" width) and can be rubber latex or polyethylene backed.

  • You may phone to place your order and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will help you find your vehicle's original color. 

  • If you wish to place your order online, simply ask for the manufacturer's original color--(eg: "original dark gray", "original light tan", etc), or you may send a small color sample to Auto Interior and Upholstery--include your name, address, phone number and the year, make and model of your vehicle.  Once your sample is received, our staff will help you place your order.

  • We make every effort to have our online colors accurate, however, we cannot account for the way you have your computer monitor set and will therefore not be responsible if you order an incorrect color. Simply ask for samples prior to your carpet sale or send us a small sample of your existing carpet before you place your order. Your final color choice is ultimately up to you.

Loop Colors
Most American cars late 1950's to 1973

a picture of black loop carpet a picture of red loop carpet a picture of ember glo loop carpet a picture of ivy gold loop carpet

1-003 Black
01 Black

2-005 Red
02 Red

3-019 Emberglo

03 Emberglo

4-015 Ivy Gold

04 Ivy Gold
a picture of aqua loop carpet a picture of Ford blue loop carpet a picture of dark blue loop carpet a picture of dark green loop carpet

5-883 Aqua
05 Aqua

6-016 Ford Blue
06 Ford Blue

7-878 Dark Blue
07 Dark Blue

8-1011 Dark Green
08 Dark Green
a picture of medium blue loop carpet a picture of dark brown loop carpet a picture of medium saddle loop carpet a picture of dark saddle loop carpet

9-009 Medium Blue
09 Medium Blue

10-017 Dark Brown

10 Dark Brown

11-022 Light/Med Saddle
11 Light/Med Saddle

12-1021 Dark Saddle
12 Dark Saddle
a picture of maroon/oxen loop carpet a picture of moss green loop carpet a picture of teal blue loop carpet a picture of 16013 blue loop carpet

13-010 Maroon/Oxblood
13 Maroon/Oxblood

14-018 Moss Green
14 Moss Green

15-011 Teal Blue
15 Teal Blue

16-013 Shade #13 Blue
16 Shade #13 Blue
a picture of bright blue loop carpet a picture of silver loop carpet a picture of fawn/sandalwood loop carpet a picture of gold loop carpet

17-001 Bright Blue
17 Bright Blue

18-012 Silver
18 Silver
19-020 Fawn/Sandalwood
19 Fawn/Sandalwood
20-022 Gold
22 Gold
a picture of burnt orange loop carpet a picture of gunmetal gray loop carpet a picture of blue/green loop carpet

21-90 Burnt Orange
21 Burnt Orange
22-893 Gunmetal Gray
22 Gunmetal Gray
23-1022 Rosebeige
23 Rosebeige
25-021 Blue/Green
25 Blue/Green
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Domestic Carpet Colors
Original in most cars and trucks from 1974 to present

Daytona Carpet Colors
Original for some 50's Chevy, Buick and Pontiacs                      

Tuxedo Carpet Colors
Some late 50's to early 60's Chevy, Buick, Olds, Pontiac and others

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