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Rugged Molded Vinyl Floor Covering

Complete Carpet Set

1996-2002 4Runner 4 Door Carpet/Vinyl, Complete Set           

molded carpet--Complete Set
Add Mass Backing To Carpet + $102.00

Complete Carpet or Vinyl Set
Molded Replacement Auto Carpet--Order Today


 Carpet Available In These Suggested Colors. 
     Click on your 4Runner's year to view suggested colors


Molded Vinyl Prices
** Molded Vinyl is a special order**

Black, Gray or Beige Vinyl + $10.00
Blue Vinyl + $25.00

View Vinyl Colors

Complete Molded Carpet or Vinyl Set Includes:

  1. 1 piece passenger compartment carpet--covering the floor area entirely where everyone sits in both 1st & 2nd row.

  2. Cargo floor area carpet with fold downs ("fold downs" are carpet for seat backs)

  3. Molded wheel well carpet

  4. Carpet available with mass backing upgrade for additional sound deadening & heat shielding + $102.00
    Mass backing is not available on the molded vinyl floor covering and can only be applied to pieces in your set that are actually made in a mold.  Any die cut pieces will not have mass backing applied.
    Mass backing is not available on the molded vinyl floor covering.

  5. Xtreme carpet colors available + $30.00

  6. Same set is also available in rugged molded vinyl floor covering--Vinyl prices are listed above. Please note that molded vinyl floor covering is a special order product. 

  7. Read more about our 4Runner carpet or molded vinyl

  8. Add unmolded yardage to your order

  9. Add Carpet Floor Mats with matching binding and heavy gripper non-slip backs to your order. When ordered at same time as your new carpet only --Add 4 Piece Mats To Shopping Cart

  10. Our carpet is manufactured by world famous ACC, Auto Custom Carpets who is the leading manufacturer of aftermarket carpet with over 30 years of experience. Our carpet is constructed from 100% first quality Dupont yarn and is tufted on a 1/8 gauge machine with 14 ounces of yarn per square yard. This plush carpet is dyed in a continuous range operation with specific chemicals added to reduce fading. It is also tested for ozone humidity, fade resistance and light fastness.

  11. You may place your order online 24/7 on our safe, secure and easy to use online order site just by clicking the "Add To Cart" button to the right of your vehicle's year and body style and following the easy to read instructions, or you may phone during regular business hours to place your order and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you.  Our staff have been selling automotive carpet for over eighteen years and understand the installation process personally since they have all been professional installers.


Complete Carpet or Vinyl Set
Molded Replacement Auto Carpet--Order Today

Add Matching Carpet Floor Mats To Cart + --4 Piece Set

Need additional yardage to complete your project?
Click Here To Add Yardage To Your Order


Be assured that this 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner 4 door molded carpet or molded vinyl floor covering is the highest quality Toyota 4Runner carpet available in the aftermarket industry manufactured for us by world famous ACC Auto Custom Carpets, with 30 years of experience.  Each of our molded replacement carpets is manufactured from start to finish right here in the USA!  Also included with your new 1996-2002 4Runner carpet is a heel pad that is sealed onto the carpet in the correct place under the brake and accelerator pedal, and a heavy 40 ounce mildew resistant jute pad is attached to the back of the carpet in the floor pan areas.  All carpets are correctly molded to fit the contours of your floor pan, specific to it's year, make and model.

All carpet material is manufactured in the USA by Dorsett Mills, the highest quality carpet in the aftermarket industry, but then we take it a step further, knowing that the molding is the most important part of the process.  All of our carpets are molded for us by world famous ACC Auto Custom Carpets.  Each mold is made with great attention to detail to provide you with the correct fit for your Toyota's floor pan--specific to it's year, make and model.  The product is made by applying heat and vacuum to help conform the carpet to it's proper shape and then it is allowed to sit in the mold to cool so that it retains it's shape during shipping.  You are assured of an OEM factory style fit, whether you order molded carpet or molded vinyl floor covering. Our carpets are manufactured from start to finish in the USA!

The 1996-2002 4Runner set listed above is
also available as a molded vinyl floor covering.  A rugged alternative to the molded Toyota 4Runner carpet, and like the molded carpet it is molded to your 4Runner's floor pan specific to it's year, make and model.  Molded vinyl floor covering is approximately 1/8" thick with a pebble grain.  Extremely tough, easy to clean and as hard working as you are.  You will also receive enough of the heavy 40 ounce jute pad to lay down in the floor pan area. Molded vinyl floor covering is available in 5 colors that won't crack or fade.

Mass backing is also available as an upgrade to your new molded carpet and is used for additional sound deadening and heat shielding. Mass backing is ethylene vinyl acetate 40 ml thick that is bonded onto the back of the carpet at the time that it is manufactured. We highly recommend the mass backing option for your new carpet.  The mass backing upgrade is available at an additional cost, but does not take any longer to ship. You will also receive heavy 40 ounce jute padding for the floor pan areas.
Use this link to learn more about the mass backing upgrade option and to see a picture of mass backing. 
Mass backing can only be applied to products that are actually molded.  If your vehicle has a die cut cargo area, mass backing will not be applied to that particular part since it is bonded to the back of the carpet with heat during the molding process, however, it would be applied to the back of the molded passenger compartment. You can read more about the mass backing upgrade on our mass backing info page.

Xtreme colors are available as a special order option, special orders do not take any longer to manufacture and ship out than our regular orders

Fast factory direct shipping to you, most carpets ship out in 24-48 hours after we receive your order.
Most of our carpets are in our customer's hands within 7 days or less (depending upon what part of the country you are located).

Molded to correctly fit your 1996-2002 Toyota 4Runner 4 door's floor pan, specific to it's year and model

Carpet comes with attached heavy 40 ounce mildew resistant jute padding in the floor pan areas

Heel Pad
that is attached in the correct place on your molded carpet

Matching binding
on exposed areas not covered by trim or hidden under the firewall

Listed above for your convenience are our manufacturer's *suggested carpet colors. Take time to look at them, compare them to your existing carpet or interior and see if you feel any of them will work for your vehicle.  It is always advised to get samples if you feel that these colors are not what you have in your vehicle.  We make every effort to make our online color sample pictures accurate, however, there is no way we can take into account the monitor that you are viewing those colors with or the way your monitor is set which makes it impossible for all customers to view online colors accurately, so please remember, these are suggested colors only--the final color choice is up to you. It is always best to get a color sample prior to ordering.
*The Manufacturer's suggested carpet colors listed above are simply that, a suggestion by our manufacturer.  They are a place for your to start your color search and what the manufacturer has found to be the best match for the colors that they have dealt with in your particular vehicle.  We offer over 250 colors from which you may choose.  Please be aware that if you do decide to choose a color other than a manufacturer's suggested color, the manufacturer will consider it to be a special order color.  We always advise that you get a color sample or send us a color sample before placing your order for either a suggested color or a special order color.

Our manufacturer's suggested carpet colors are listed for your convenience or you may wish to choose a **special order color. 
**Please be advised, you may choose any color you wish, however, all special order colors (colors that are not listed as Manufacturer's Suggested Carpet Colors listed above by year for your vehicle) are non-returnable and not exchangeable since they are not original your particular year Toyota 4Runner and are not resalable.  Also be advised that by ordering a special order color for your vehicle, it may not match your existing interior color.  It is always advised that you request samples before the sale if you are ordering a special order color for your vehicle.

d with attention to detail
Our molded carpet quality is the highest in the industry and the attention to detail second to none in the industry.  Choose from hundreds of carpet colors.

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