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Read Through ALL Installation Instructions BEFORE Starting Your Seat Cover Installation


Professional installation is advised

however, an individual can install seat covers if they have the knowledge, tools and a place to work.  It is also important that you make a "dry fit" before cutting any holes or putting any hog ring holes on your covers.  Once they are cut, or have been installed in your vehicle using hog rings, your seat covers cannot be returned, even if an incorrect product has been shipped to you--if product is cut, installed using hog rings or altered in any way it cannot be returned for any reason.  Do not discard your old seat covers until your new covers have been completely installed. 

Do not cut your old covers while removing them
, simply unclip at the bottom and slip them off or roll them inside out as you are removing them, like taking off a shirt, clipping and removing the hog rings as you slip or roll it off (or in the case of newer styles, pull to separate  the hook velcro from the loop velcro as you roll it up and off your seat foam). Some newer covers simply unzip and slip off. 

Your old covers may not have any hog rings, but instead may be held down with velcro strips on the inside of the covers.  These  velcro strips only have to be pulled apart to separate the loop velcro from the fastening strips on the seat foam as you remove the covers.  Be careful not to tear the fastening strips off of your seat foam.  If you do pull them off, you may simply glue them back down to the seat foam before you start installing your new covers.   If your old covers have velcro to hold them on, your new covers will have all the velcro sewn on in the proper places. You will also notice that your old covers are manufactured with approximately 1/2" of foam on them that is used for quilting/padding.  Your new set will also have the 1/2" foam attached to them. Retain all of your old covers until all of your new covers are installed.  

It is strongly advised to have professional installation of your new seat covers if your seats are equipped with side airbags (airbags that are located in the seats).  Improper disarming of the side airbag (airbags located in the seats) can result in personal injury and/or deployment of your airbags.  If you still wish to install your new seat covers yourself, contact your vehicle's manufacturer for instructions on disarming your side airbags.  You run a risk of serious injury if done incorrectly.

These are OEM style replacement seat covers that are precision die cut and custom tailored to tightly fit your specific vehicle's year, make and model, not slip covers. Your old seat covers must be removed and replaced by the set that you have purchased.  You cannot install your new seat covers over your existing seat covers.

Remove the seats from the car.  Remove the seat back from the seat bottom--bolts hold them together at the hinge.  Remove all plastic panels, handles and knobs, and head rests from the seats.  Covers are attached with hog rings, plastic clips and/or velcro.  In rare cases, they are glued to the seat foam.  Take care in removing your old seat covers, do not cut or damage them.  Do not discard your old covers until you have completely installed your new seat cover set.  

If necessary, take pictures of how your seat covers are held on to help you remember how to reinstall your new covers.  Do not destroy or discard your old seat covers until your new installation is complete.  You will install your new seat covers exactly the same way as your old ones were installed, so pictures are a good idea if you are unsure that you can remember how to reinstall your new covers.

Newer vehicles usually use velcro and nylon hooks to fasten the covers into place, these types of fasteners will be attached to your new seat covers.  On covers that are attached with hog rings, cut all existing factory hog rings and remove cover, slipping it off as you would a pair of pants or shirt--do not cut your old covers when you remove them.  (You will have to purchase hog ring pliers and hog rings from your local automotive parts store, they are not supplied with the new seat covers--approximately $15.00.)

You must then remove the hold down wire rods from the listings (sacks) of the back of the old seat covers and slip them into the new seat cover's listing sacks.  Correctly position the cover on the foam (it is important to take your time--improper installation will cause wrinkles) and hog ring the hold down rods where the old cover was attached and stretch the cover over the foam, and attach it to the frame in the same manner the old cover was attached.  It (the hold down rod) must be attached firmly into the foam channel (in the seat foam) and to the wire or rod in the seat foam, or your cover will not look tight and smooth.  If you have too many wrinkles in the seat cover when you are done hog ringing it down to the foam, simply cut and remove the hog rings and reposition the cover and/or the listing sack until you have a nice tight, smooth look.  Your seat cover should look smooth with a minimum amount of wrinkles when you are done.  These seat covers, armrests and headrests are manufactured to fit tightly for a factory look when you are finished, proper installation plays a very large part of how your finished product will look.  You must install them correctly for a professional look.  If you find that you have too many wrinkles when you are finished, simply clip and remove the hog rings, reposition velcro, etc and reposition the seat cover and try again. 

Make sure that you take note of where your seams are in relation to the corners of the seat foam.  The seams should be located in the same area on your seat foam that the old cover's seams were located. You will be able to see the seam marks left on the seat foam by your old covers.  You may have to put the cover on the foam and work it around until it is positioned properly, then roll back the edges and start to hog ring or push down hard to fasten the velcro.  Positioning is important for a proper wrinkle free fit.

Hint: If you are uncertain you can remember how your old cover was hog rung down, take pictures of how the old cover was attached before removal, or as you are removing it.  

Most covers come complete, however, very rarely on some models, some plastic attaching clips that are not available will have to be cut off the old seat cover and sewn onto the new ones.  This is extremely rare.

For best results, use a heat gun (or hair dryer), or steamer to make the material more pliable and it will also help remove any minor wrinkles that you may have when you are finished.  (Usually the heat from the sun after you have your seats back in your vehicle, and a few days will take care of most minor wrinkles.)  Be careful using the heat gun, hair dryer or steamer, since too much heat can damage the leatherette or genuine leather.  USE CAUTION!  Use the steamer on leatherette only and not on the genuine leather.  Remember, if you have any major wrinkles in your seat covers, they are not installed properly and you should remove and reposition them until you have corrected the problem.

Extreme care should be taken not to rip/tear the new covers at the seams while installing them.  Improper installation and careless pulling when installing your covers can result in rips or tears at the seams. Use silicone spray on the seat foam and the inside of the seat covers (do not spray silicone on the genuine leather or leatherette) before installation to help your covers slip on, also, some covers will install easier if you turn your cover inside out, position it properly, then simply roll it down starting at the top.  Again extreme care should be taken not to tear the new covers at the seams.  These covers are manufactured to fit tightly.

When installing headrests and center armrest covers, some installers use thin plastic (garbage bags work fine), silicone spray (inside the covers and on seat foam only, do not spray on genuine leather or leatherette) or baby powder over the foam to help the cover slide on easier.  This trick also may be used for installing the seat cover backs and bottoms to help them slide on easier.  Seat covers, armrests/console covers and headrests are made to fit tightly and may take some patience to install them.

If you take your time when installing your new seat covers, with attention to detail, and you will have a new interior to be proud of for years to come. Remember to care for your leather properly.  Use of mild soap and a slightly damp sponge to clean light soil, and the use of a good genuine leather conditioner/cleaner is recommended.  Your local auto parts store carries a variety of them.

And finally, by choosing an installer in your area that you are comfortable working with, has a reputation for high quality workmanship, and that you did not pick solely on the lowest installation price, your installation will be a success and you can enjoy your new seat covers for years to come.  Ask the installer that you have chosen for references from previous customers.  Insist that your installer read through these facts before starting installation or take a copy of this information with you.  If there is any question about your seat cover set, phone before starting to install your seat covers with hog rings.  Once they are installed with hog rings, cut or altered in any way, regardless of the reason, they cannot be returned.  Be sure to "dry fit" your new seat covers before installing them with hog rings.  The customer is responsible for the installer that they choose reading and adhering to this policy, and your installer is responsible for proper wrinkle-free installation.  These seat covers are die cut for each specific vehicle's year, make and model to fit properly every time.  Auto Interior and Upholstery will not stand behind the work of the installer that you have hired to install your new covers, that will be up to the installer that you have hired and his/her shop policies.

Auto Interior and Upholstery is not responsible for improper installation of seat cover sets by nonprofessional/inexperienced installers.  Neither will Auto Interior and Upholstery be responsible for damages done by nonprofessional/inexperienced installers to original seat covers/interiors during installation of new seat covers.  If you are sending your seat cover(s), armrest/console cover, or headrest for use as a pattern, you will not receive it back. 

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